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  • Indispensable spices in the kitchen for housewives

    The importance of seasoning when cooking Spices are actually edible foods and especially they have the ability to create positive stimuli on a number of senses such as taste and smell. Simply put, spices help people feel that the food is more appetizing, easy to eat and more attractive. A chef is different from the […]
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  • Notes to help you use the right cooking seasoning

    The seasoning that can sublimate a dish can also spoil a dish no matter how fresh and premium the ingredients are. Spices often go hand-in-hand with ingredients, in other words, each ingredient needs to be seasoned with the right seasoning, the more likely the dish will be successful. In addition, housewives will probably best grasp […]
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  • What is Taiky powder, use and preservation of Taiky powder?

    Like sugar, milk or cream, fat flour  is one of the indispensable ingredients in recipes, baking, and preparation. So what is fat powder? How to use fat powder? What Is Fat Powder? Fat flour is a type of flour made from tapioca starch, with added fat from animal and vegetable milk, so it has a high […]
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