Indispensable spices in the kitchen for housewives

The importance of seasoning when cooking

Spices are actually edible foods and especially they have the ability to create positive stimuli on a number of senses such as taste and smell. Simply put, spices help people feel that the food is more appetizing, easy to eat and more attractive.

A chef is different from the average cook in that they have the ability to combine ingredients with the right seasoning, thereby creating a great flavor for the dish. A housewife who is good at cooking is reflected in the subtlety of combining ingredients with spices, skillfully reducing the amount of spices to suit the preferences and tastes of her family.

The indispensable spices in the kitchen of housewives

Olive oil

Is a vegetable oil used as a normal cooking oil and at the same time very good for health. Extracted from the olive tree, a common tree in the Mediterranean countries. Olive oil is good for health because it contains many unsaturated fatty acids – these are healthy fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins A, E, D, K,…

Olive oil has the effect of preventing blood sugar diseases, hardening of blood vessels, enhancing heart and kidney function, and promoting metabolism in the body. Olive oil also helps maintain bone density, prevents the risk of osteoporosis due to free radicals as well as prevents cancer thanks to its high antioxidant content.

In addition, olive oil has a structure similar to the natural oil that the body secretes on the skin, and contains many vitamins, so using olive oil is very suitable for beauty. Use olive oil to provide moisture, exfoliate while keeping the skin pH balanced, anti-aging, fade crow’s feet, wrinkles, return bright, youthful skin.

Thanks to these great uses, olive oil is often used by housewives to replace regular cooking oil in their own kitchens to ensure the health of the whole family.

Types of Vinegar

In most Vietnamese kitchens, vinegars such as apple cider vinegar, red vinegar, white vinegar, etc. are an indispensable condiment in the housewife’s kitchen. Vinegar has a sour taste, helping to create a specific flavor for some dishes, and housewives can also use vinegar to remove the fishy smell of ingredients.

Vinegar has many types, from homemade vinegar by the traditional method of raising vinegar children, fermenting wine with fruits such as apple cider vinegar, banana vinegar to industrial vinegars that are produced in large quantities to ensure the best quality. food safety requirements.

In addition, vinegar is especially effective in beauty, helping to balance the pH of the skin, so it can be used as a toner, treatment for dandruff, and strong hair nourishment. If you don’t have time to grow your own vinegar elaborately at home, you can easily find different types of vinegar at department stores and supermarkets nationwide.

Seasoning seeds

Seasoning is a very popular seasoning among housewives recently thanks to its ability to adjust and neutralize the flavor of dishes. Seasoning seasoning creates a natural sweetness thanks to the extract from stewed bone or meat, shrimp, mushroom, … Seasoning seasoning, in addition to its sweet taste, has a mild salty taste, so it is a good choice for housewives who do not want to eat. too good at cooking to keep the dish from being too salty and sometimes we can use seasoning instead of salt, monosodium glutamate, etc. to ensure the health of the whole family.


Salt is the most basic seasoning in the spices used by housewives from time immemorial. Salt is used in both the preliminary processing of food, such as deodorizing the fishy smell, cleaning thanks to its ability to disinfect, until the stage of marinating and seasoning food.

Table salt is often fortified with iodine. The body lacking iodine will be at risk of goiter, weak body, poor brain development, easy slur in children.

Besides, Vietnamese folklore has many simple but effective remedies for common diseases such as colds and coughs with salt. So housewives, mothers often let family members gargle every day with salt water to help clean the oral cavity, kill bacteria that cause sore throat, dry cough as well as help strengthen teeth.

Salt is just a spice that is little noticed but plays a very important role in health and is definitely indispensable in every housewife’s kitchen, right?

Fish sauce

Vietnamese cuisine is characterized by often using fish sauce to create a rich flavor for food. According to the old grandparents, food must be seasoned with fish sauce to taste. Especially the dishes combined with the dipping sauce made from fish sauce according to the recipe such as lemon garlic chili fish sauce, lemongrass chili fish sauce, ginger fish sauce or simply pure fish sauce is enough to create an unforgettable taste. for a family meal.


Pepper is the fruit of the pepper plant, green when young, then red, and yellow when ripe. Dried ripe pepper is black, so it is often called black pepper. Originating from India, pepper is popular in the cuisine of the whole world, not just Vietnam. Different from the pungentness of chili peppers, the gentle spicy taste and special aroma of pepper help the dish to awaken an aroma that stimulates any diners.


Sugar is also a very basic condiment in cuisine and is often used by housewives when processing braised dishes, savory dishes, or cooking tea, making cakes, etc. In addition, sugar is also an essential ingredient for juices, smoothies, fruit jams, to balance the sour and spicy taste of special jams such as ginger jam, tamarind jam, …

The most common type of sugar is probably white granulated sugar, but there are many other types of sugar such as brown sugar, yellow sugar, rock sugar, raw cane sugar, coconut sugar. In particular, stevia sugar does not affect glucose levels nor increase blood sugar, so it can be safe for people with diabetes.

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